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"Just love the material you are sharing. It is heaven-sent. So well organized and current. The brief learning videos are perfect, allowing time to internalize the information each day. Feel like I am in a session with you. Next best to the real thing."

Jean Susan
Valuable Customer

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. You cannot know how much your program has improved my therapy, my self-understanding, and my quality of life. I am deeply grateful to you. From my heart,"

Meryl, Washington, DC
Happy Customer
De-Coding the Brain for Trauma Relief

What will you get:

Psychologist designed

Fun quizzes to test your knowledge

Videos, transcripts, podcasts and written content

Over a dozen tools for shifting negative states

Cheat Sheet downloads for instructions on the go

Large knowledge base of Q & A's

Motivational tips for integrating brain-wise ideas into your life

Brain science to ground your understanding

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